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Middle Cove Beach

Middle Cove Beach is located about fifteen minutes from St. John’s in the small town of Torbay.  While it is not advisable that anyone swim at Middle Cove due to the frigid and rough waters, there are plenty of other things to do at the beach. There are picnic tables overlooking the spectacular view consisting of vast Atlantic Ocean and high cliffs and a walking trail is located near the beach.  In the summer months, many people come to Middle Cove in the evenings to sit around a fire.  When the capelin are rolling, hundreds of people, equipped with nets, […]

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A Day Trip from St. John’s

Fascinating archaeology, breathtaking scenery and some unique experiences of nature are in store for those taking a day trip from St. John’s to Ferryland, which is about 75 km (46.6 mi.) south. Ferryland Site of the Colony of Avalon In the little town of Ferryland is the most ambitious archaeological dig in Newfoundland. Over the years the remains of the Colony of Avalon, founded by Sir George Calvert in 1621, have gradually been unearthed and over a million artefacts revealing what was life was like in the colony have been unearthed. Some of them are on display in the Interpretive […]

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Postcard Perfect!

I am always happily surprised by the warm welcome I arrive in Twillingate. The people are so friendly and interesting (usually with a fishing background or artists and creative types), that I often get a dinner invitation! It is such a privilege to join in this close knit community, sharing food, laughter and sometimes even singing. Neighbours will drop by and pretty soon a kitchen party has broken out! No stress and no traffic! Twillingate is small and sparsely populated, consisting of a north and south island originally used by French and English fisherman. Today it is still used for […]

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