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Gros Morne National Park

Gros Morne National Park is located in Western Newfoundland and is the biggest national park in the province.  The park is characterized by a very diverse landscape that consists of fjords, sandy beaches, mountains, valleys, tablelands, meadows, lakes, rivers and waterfalls. This diverse landscape is great for many outdoor activities, photographic opportunities and backcountry adventure. There are a number of outfitters and tour companies that take visitors on a variety of guided tours in the park but it is also possible to explore much of the park on your own.  A main road winds through the park and it is […]

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Signal Hill… Ascend the Heights and See St. John’s

Dominating the harbour of St. John’s is Signal Hill. On this peak in the early days of the colonial settlement signalmen watched the Atlantic for approaching ships then raised a signal flag so that the townsmen below could be informed of approaching vessels and prepare for their arrival in port. In periods of war the hill was used as a defensive installation and the remains of military buildings dating from the 18th century can still be seen there. For visitors to St. John’s, Signal Hill has a magnetic quality. It begs to be explored either on a hike up from […]

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