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Three Great Museums in St. John’s

The Rooms You can’t miss The Rooms in St. John’s. The magnificent structure dominates the city. Situated like a beacon atop a hill covered with multi-coloured houses, The Rooms are in form based on the “fishing rooms” that surround typical Newfoundland harbours. In these “fishing rooms” the catch from the sea was processed before being taken to the vessels of merchants for transportation to markets abroad. The Rooms is built over the remains of Fort Townshend. Like The Rooms, the large star shaped fortification commanded attention to all who entered the harbour of St. John’s below. It was meant to […]

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Signal Hill… Ascend the Heights and See St. John’s

Dominating the harbour of St. John’s is Signal Hill. On this peak in the early days of the colonial settlement signalmen watched the Atlantic for approaching ships then raised a signal flag so that the townsmen below could be informed of approaching vessels and prepare for their arrival in port. In periods of war the hill was used as a defensive installation and the remains of military buildings dating from the 18th century can still be seen there. For visitors to St. John’s, Signal Hill has a magnetic quality. It begs to be explored either on a hike up from […]

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