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Signal Hill and Cabot Tower

One of the most prominent features in downtown St. John’s is Cabot Tower which looms high over the city atop Signal Hill. Signal Hill is a favorite spot in the city for both locals and visitors.  One can find the road that leads to the top of this hill in the eastern part of downtown near the harbourfront.  The road leading upwards is windy and steep but some people still brave it during their daily walk or run.  At the top, there is a large parking lot that allows vehicles to either park facing the ocean or facing the city.  […]

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Cape Spear National Historic Site

Cape Spear is located about twenty kilometers from the city center of St. John’s, Newfoundland.  It is known for being the most easterly point in North America. Cape Spear is a National Historic Site and popular attraction in the St. John’s area and provides both a scenic and historic experience to visitors. The landscape of the area is characterized by steep cliffs and rocky coastline.  There is a trail that takes visitors along the coast.  Along this trail there are several interesting points.  The first one is a platform with a sign indicating that you are standing on the most […]

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