Postcard Perfect!

I am always happily surprised by the warm welcome I arrive in Twillingate. The people are so friendly and interesting (usually with a fishing background or artists and creative types), that I often get a dinner invitation! It is such a privilege to join in this close knit community, sharing food, laughter and sometimes even singing. Neighbours will drop by and pretty soon a kitchen party has broken out!

No stress and no traffic! Twillingate is small and sparsely populated, consisting of a north and south island originally used by French and English fisherman. Today it is still used for some fishing but it has impressed me the most as an outport of artists of all kinds.
One of the most spectacular reasons to visit Twillingate is its icebergs. These ancient towers of ice drift down Iceberg Alley passing the small outport. During the months of May, June and July you can take a boat tour around these frozen islands. Looking back at the land, you will see picture perfect harbours, a scattering of colourful houses and scruffy hills rising in the distance.

Twillingate is about 100 km north of Gander and easy to get to by car or motorhome.

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