The Eastern Start (or End) of the Trans-Canada Highway

The January/February 2008 edition of Canadian Geographic magazine made mention that, despite the presence in St John’s of “Mile Zero” marker right beside the city hall, the true Mile 0 for the Trans Canada Highway was moved to a dump.

In 2002 the highway by-passed St. John’s and now ends at Logy Bay Road, which is where the Robin Hood Bay Landfill is located. Apparently it has the best ocean view of a land fill in Canada.

However, hikers should note that the site also is near Sugarloaf Path, which is a new part of the East Coast Trail. This is forcing the landfill to upgrade its waste management so as not to spoil the trail.

No sign yet appears saying “Canada starts here” (or ends depending if you started in British Columbia). In this age of deeper focus on sustainability, and when they stop using the landfill at all, a nice new Mile Zero sign will appear.

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