Arnold’s Cove: Friendly and history filled

Arnold’s Cove is one of the nicest towns that I have had the pleasure to visit in Newfoundland. It is a small town and the people there are welcoming of almost everyone. One of the main attractions of Arnold’s Cove is the houses along the coast. Many of these homes are from the resettlement of Newfoundland when it became a province of Canada. They were floated from across the islands and settled onto the coast. They are houses that are unique to Newfoundland and there are many of them in Arnold’s Cove. The main summer attraction of Arnold’s Cove is the camping ground 10 minutes away by car. It has a small lake, more commonly called a pond by the locals, mini golf, and even sea-doo rentals. The campground has tent access and plenty of spots for trailers and RVs. It is also common on summer nights for there to be a mass barbeque at one of the RVs with lots of fish cooked in the fire. Like most of Newfoundland, Arnold’s Cove is full of history and full of great people.

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