Robert's Arm is near Crescent Lake in northern Newfoundland. Robert's Arm has its own Lake Monster, Cressie, which supposedly lives in Crescent Lake. Most accounts describe the creature as a giant eel, but as with Cressie's brethren (Ogopogo of Lake Okanagan, Champ of Lake Champlain and of course Loch Ness) no one has proved anything.

Until the 20th century, Robert's Arm was named Rabbit's Arm due to the presence of snowshoe hare.  John Roberts, a major land owner, became the inspiration for its current name.

Hazelnut Adventure Trail is a 10 km (6.2 mi.) wilderness trail that stays close to Crescent Lake.  Learn about local logging history and bird watch until you go to the top of Hazelnut Hill for a great view.

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Lake Crescent Inn
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