Mount Pearl is part of the St. John's metropolitan area.  Mount Pearl is named after Sir James Pearl, a British Royal Navy Officer, who in 1829 was awarded land in the Waterford Valley for his meritorious service.

There are over 60 parks and playgrounds, community and sports facilities as well as the Admiralty House Museum and Archives. Here you can learn more about Mount Pearl's history the Mount Pearl's important role Mount Pearl in the history of radio communications. (I.e. the Marconi Telegraph Company built a wireless communication station on Mount Pearl in 1915 to assist the war efforts during WWI.

Mount Pearl Newfoundland accommodations include hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and campgrounds.

Greenwood Lodge & Motel
53 Greenwood Crescent
Hotel Mount Pearl
7 Park Avenue
Waterford River Valley Campground
1161 Topsail Road
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